Review of Streamlight Luxeon 4AA ProPolymer Flashlight

Watching the devastating news reports of tornadoes out west reminded me to check my hurricane box. One of the essential components of any emergency kit is a flashlight. I keep a Streamlight H.I.D. floodlight for area lighting, a Streamlight SL-20 that also works as a club, and about a dozen Streamlight ProPolymer 4AA Lux Div 2 Flashlight.

imageI keep these flashlights in my box and in ever room in my house. the price is low enough that you can have several of them. The cool thing about these flashlights is that they only need 4 AA batteries but they are super bright (about 42 lumens) and really compact/easily transportable (and waterproof!). They’re just really compact and easy to use with just one hand. They pretty much last for over 4 hours too. Pretty perfect to have in any situation and one of the first flashlights I grab for in my own home. It’s a tough little flashlight too. It’s been dropped it’s fair share and never been scratched or broken.

I always get the yellow version because the black is a little hard to find in the dark. I was there was a glow in the dark version.

USA Police Supply, Inc.


Damascus DBK-B: Phantom OPS 2 Modular Low-Profile Knee Pad Review

I took a look at the Damascus DKB Phantom OPS knee pads.  These knee pads are pretty slim. The open back let’s you wear them over or under your pants but still let’s a little air flow. The lower calf strap stays in place very well. The upper elastic strap holds tight to you thigh. They are made from PVC, foam, and a strong cloth covering. They wear well and are pretty comfortable. The only real downside of the knee pads is that they only come in black. I look forward to the camo version coming out.

USA Police Supply, Inc.